Apple to launch Sport variant of AirPods Max in mid-2021; $400 price tag, silicone material, smaller and lighter design.

Reliable leaker @a_rumors1111 released information today regarding a cheaper, sport-variant of the AirPods Max with a potential release date of mid-2021.

@a_rumors1111 says that this variation will have an over-ear design, similar to the AirPods Max that launched recently, but with a “sports silicone” material. The current AirPods Max, which retail for $549, use a knit mesh material for the headband. 

Additionally, the leaker says that this new AirPods Max Sport model will weigh 290 grams. This is significantly lighter compared to the current AirPods Max, which weigh 384 grams. The earcups are also getting smaller, which would contribute to the reduction of the weight of these AirPods.


The price is also getting a little lighter with the Sport variation. The current AirPods Max retail from Apple for $549, which can seem like a premium price to pay compared to the many headphones in a similar price range. @a_rumors1111 said that the price of the new model with be around $400 – around $150 cheaper than the current AirPods Max.

@a_rumors1111 says that the current potential release date for these AirPods Max Sport is “mid-2021”, which means that they could be announced at WWDC 2021, which normally takes place in June. 


It’s likely that Apple are planning to do a similar marketing technique to the original Apple Watch in 2015, when Apple launched three versions – Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and Apple Watch Edition. Apple Watch Sport was the cheapest model with a silicone band and aluminium body. Apple Watch was the mid-range model, which had a stainless steel body. Lastly, the Apple Watch Edition was the premium-tier model, which had 18-karat gold body options. If Apple follow this marketing technique, they can make the AirPods Max (Regular and Sport models) appeal to different audiences.


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