Apple to launch iPhone SE 3rd Generation and AirPods Pro 2nd Generation in April 2021.

According to Japanese news site, Macotakara, Apple are planning to launch the next iterations of the iPhone SE and the AirPods Pro in April of this year. This is according to reports from Chinese suppliers.

According to the report, Apple will be redesigning the charging case for the second generation AirPods Pro. The new case will be remain 21mm thick, but will be getting slightly more compact and slightly taller.


The current AirPods Pro charging case is 60.6mm wide and will be reducing to 54mm wide in the next generation case. The height of the case is also being slightly adjusted. The current height of the AirPods Pro charging case is 55.2mm while the rumoured 2nd-generation charging case is reported to be increasing to 56mm.

Lastly, Macotakara says that they do not have any information regarding the design of the AirPods.

Macotakara expects Apple to announce the 2nd generation AirPods Pro alongside the 3rd generation iPhone SE.

The second generation AirPods Pro are expected to retain a similar design to the current generation of AirPods Pro, but is expected to feature a shorter stem with a wider head that fits more comfortably in the ear.


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