2021 iPad Pro 11” CAD leak shows some design changes, including less speakers and shorter design

According to news site MySmartPrice, 3D CAD files for the 2021 iPad Pro 11” have been leaked to them from a trusted source. The leaked CAD files reveal some small adjustments to the design of the iPad Pro.

The CAD files confirm that the screen size will remain at 11” and their source says that the entire device will have the dimensions 245.74 x 176.61 x 5.9mm. The current iPad Pro 11” dimensions are 247.6 x 178.5 x 5.9 mm, which would mean that this iteration of the design is getting slightly shorter and less wide, but is not getting any thinner. The bezel of the screen will not be getting thinner.


Aside from the dimensions, the form factor is remaining almost unchanged. There will still only be one single USB-C port at the bottom, the power button will be at the top with the volume buttons on the right side, the Smart Connector connector will be on the rear of the iPad, and the magnetic connector for the Apple Pencil will remain on the right side of the iPad. The cameras (front and rear) will also be remaining unchanged.


The only exterior change is the number of speakers and the size of the speakers. The current iPad Pro 11” has four sets of 13 speaker holes, whereas this CAD leak suggests that Apple will be reducing the number of speaker holes to 8. There will be no changed to the number of microphones on the device.

You can see the full gallery of the CAD leaks below:


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