iPad mini 6 design leaked: no home button, in-display Touch ID, A14 Bionic, punch-hole camera, and more

Italian leak site Pigtou released concepts of the iPad mini 6th generation based on information they have received. If this leak is to be believed, the iPad mini will be getting a massive design overhaul this year.

Firstly, Pigtou says that Apple will be significantly reducing the size of the bezels in this iPad mini. This means the design will be similar to the iPad Pro and new iPad Air models. Pigtou also says that the iPad mini will remain the same size as the previous generation. The dimensions are expected to be 203.2mm tall, 134.8mm wide and 6.25mm thick. The current iPad mini’s dimensions are the exact same, aside from the thickness, which is 6.1mm. If Pigtou is right, the new iPad mini will be 0.15mm thicker than the current 5th generation.


The leak suggests that Apple will not be applying the new squared design used by the iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPhone 12 to this iPad. Instead, it will continue to use the same rounded design used in the last generation.

The screen is estimated by Pigtou to be 9.15 inches diagonally, which is a 1.25” increase over the current generation’s 7.9” display.

Pigtou also spoke about the front facing cameras and Touch ID. According to Pigtou, Apple will be embedding Touch ID into the display. This feature has been widely reported for the iPhone 13, but this would be the first time it’s been rumoured that the iPad mini would get it. 


Additionally, Pigtou says that Apple will embed the front-facing cameras into the display, similar to the punch-hole camera design used by several competitors. Pigtou also says that Apple will use the A14 Bionic from the iPhone 12 and iPad Air for this iPad, but also suggests that Apple will use the A13 Bionic to keep costs low.

Lastly, Pigtou says that they don’t have an exact release date for this iPad mini, but says that Apple may be planning to launch it in March of this year. Other iPad models, including a new iPad Pro, are also expected to be announced in March.

You can read the original article (Italian) here.


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