Apple’s foldable iPhone may launch in 2023 with 7.3” to 7.6” OLED screen; Apple Pencil support too

iPhoneInCanada noticed today a report from Chinese analyst company EqualOcean, who spoke about Apple’s first foldable iPhone, including that it may have Apple Pencil support.

EqualOcean says that Apple’s upcoming foldable iPhone will launch with a 7.3” to 7.6” foldable display. The report says that the display will be OLED and will also be compatible with the Apple Pencil. EqualOcean also says that Apple are planning to launch this foldable iPhone in 2023.

Below is what EqualOcean said about the report:

“Omdia, a global communications and digital media research organization, predicts that Apple may launch a 7.3-7.6-inch foldable OLED smartphone in 2023 and add an activity pen to its foldable iPhone.”


It should be noted that the translation was provided by a machine, so the “activity pen” it mentions is likely a mistranslation of the Apple Pencil.

Rumours of Apple’s foldable iPhone have been circulating for years, but it still seems to be far away from ever being announced. If the foldable iPhone has a 7.6” display, that would bring it quite close to the size of the current iPad mini, which has a 7.9” display.

Apple’s foldable iPhone is still a long way away and EqualOcean doesn’t have much of a track record when predicting Apple’s upcoming products, so it’s probably best to take this information with a grain of salt.


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