Apple working on MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone 12

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman released a report today about Apple’s upcoming MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone 12 models. 

Bloomberg says that the new battery pack will magnetically attach to the back of the iPhone through the use of the MagSafe magnet array on the rear of the iPhone 12 models. When attached, the battery pack will wirelessly charge the iPhone. 


The current prototype design has a white rubber exterior. According to Bloomberg, this battery pack has been in development for at least a year. During the internal testing at Apple, the MagSafe magnets are strong enough to hold the battery pack, but the development of the product has been delayed due to software issues. 

One example of the software issues this product is facing is the iPhone alerting the user that the battery pack is overheating when it’s not. Apple is also trying to fix an issue relating to when the user switches between using the battery pack with a case and using the battery pack without a case. The sources say that due to the challenging development of the product, it could even be scrapped or delayed.


In iOS 14.5, there was evidence of this battery pack and a reference to a ‘Mobile Charge Mode’ for the new battery pack. Another interesting feature about this new mode is that the battery pack would keep your iPhone charged to a maximum of 90% for battery efficiency. This reference has since been removed from iOS 14.5

It is currently unknown when this product is schedule to be officially announced by Apple, but it is currently rumoured that Apple will be holding an event on March 16th for new iPad Pro models, Macs, and AirTags. 

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