Redesigned iMac will come in five colours; Mac Pro mini in development at Apple.

Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech spoke today about Apple’s upcoming plans to release two new Mac models – an iMac with an entirely new design and a Mac Pro mini with a similar design to the current Mac Pro, but substantially smaller. 

Prosser’s sources describe the Mac Pro Mini as three to four Mac mini models stacked on top of one another. The source’s exact wording was “compute unit on the bottom and big heat sync on the top”. The source also compared it to the Power Mac G4 Cube design from 2000.

Prosser, in collaboration with ConceptCreator, also released a concept of what this Mac Pro Mini may look like based on the information he has received from his source:

The rumoured current design of the Mac Pro mini – Source: Jon Prosser and ConceptCreator

As for the iMac, there have been several rumours circling the internet for months suggesting that the next iMac will be totally redesigned to look like the Pro Display XDR. The front of the iMac is expected to look like a very large iPad Pro with minimal bezels.


However, according to Prosser, Apple’s next iMac will have colours. The colours that will be available to choose from will be Space Grey, Silver, Sky Blue, Green, and Pink. Prosser’s sources say that the current prototypes use the same colours as the 2020 iPad Air.

This is the concept created by ConceptCreator based on the information from Prosser’s sources:

Source: Jon Prosser and ConceptCreator

The colours are certainly a throwback to the original iMac from 1998, which has become a truly iconic design. The 1998 iMac G3 features a “bondi-blue” translucent plastic and has been credited with the computer that saved Apple from bankruptcy. Steve Jobs famously said that the design “looked like something from another planet. A planet with better designers”.

Right now, it’s currently unknown when these products will be launching, but rumours have suggested that Apple intends on launching the new iMac either in March or in June.

You can watch the full video from Prosser below:


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