Full-screen iPad mini 6 has completed design phases, but hasn’t entered testing phases yet, says reliable leaker.


Highly reliable Apple leaker Kang has shared information regarding the upcoming iPad mini. Recent rumours surrounding this product have suggested that Apple are planning to launch the new iPad mini this month. 

On Weibo, where Kang shares most of his information on upcoming Apple Products, he spoke about the upcoming 6th generation iPad mini. He said the following:

“The full-screen and smaller-sized iPad you want is just past the P2 stage. Even the EVT hasn’t arrived.”

Source: Kang on Weibo

“P2” refers to the design stages of a product. “EVT” refers to “Engineering Verification Test”. 

The iPad mini passing the “P2” stages means the design of the upcoming 6th generation iPad mini is mostly finalised, but hasn’t been tested yet. Similar to other rumours and leaks, Kang’s information suggests that Apple is planning on launching a new full-screen iPad mini with a screen design similar to the current iPad Pro and iPad Air, but the likelihood of getting this new iPad mini this month is quite low.

In addition to the full-screen design, many leaks have also said that Apple will be changing the chassis design to the squared-edge design of the iPad Pro and iPad Air. Rumours have also suggested that Apple are planning to include the A14 Bionic chip with this iPad.

Kang is a highly reliable leaker with a current track record of 97.8% accuracy, so this information about the iPad mini is likely to be accurate. Apple is also expected to announce a new iPad Pro, AirTags, and a new Magic Keyboard this month.


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