Leaked images show the new Apple Pencil; glossy finish, redesigned tips, and more


Highly reliable Apple leaker Mr. White on Twitter has leaked an image showing the new 3rd generation Apple Pencil, which is rumoured to be arriving with the new iPad Pro models this month. 

The picture, which was first posted by Mr. White on Twitter, shows the new design of the Apple Pencil. Although the overall design doesn’t look much different compared to the second generation Apple Pencil, there are a few key design tweaks.

First, the overall shape of the pencil seems slightly larger with a more glossy plastic finish. From the pictures, it’s hard to tell if the flat side of the pencil with the force-sensor is still there, but it’s likely that the pencil in this picture is resting on that side.


The biggest differences seem to be the pencil tip. The pencil tip has been totally redesigned. To remove the tip on the current second-generation Apple Pencil, you must first twist the tip until it detaches from the inside nib of the pencil. Now, the tip of the pencil looks to be using a click mechanism that can be slotted in and out of the top of the pencil. Additionally, there doesn’t seem to be any inside nib inside the Apple Pencil anymore.

The “drawing” part of the tip seems to be identical to previous tip designs, so it’s unlikely that that will be changing to much.


This is the first time we’ve seen the new Apple Pencil that is expected to be going on sale alongside the new iPad Pro models. Apple is expected to announced all these new products, alongside AirTags and a new Magic Keyboard, within the next few weeks.

You can view the original tweet and image here:


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