Leaked real-world images show upcoming AirPods 3rd generation design


@LeaksApplePro on Twitter has shared real-world images of what he claims to be the upcoming AirPods 3rd Generation.

These AirPods are the successor to the current AirPods 2nd generation, which currently utilise the traditional AirPod design, use the Apple H2 chip, and have ‘Hey Siri’. With the third generation AirPods, Apple is expected to be taking core design elements from the AirPods Pro.


In the leaked images, we get a closer look at what the new AirPods will look like. As previously rumoured, the Charging Case is slightly less wide compared to the current AirPods Pro charging case. The case also seems to be equipped with Wireless Charging capabilities as the LED charging indicator is on the front of the case.

The AirPods themselves also use a slightly different design compared to the AirPods Pro. The most noticeable change is the longer stem and the lack of fittings for customisable tips. Currently, the AirPods Pro allow users to customise the tip by choosing as size that fits their ears. The leaked images would suggest that this feature will remain exclusive to the Pro models.


It also appears that the speaker grill on the exterior of the AirPods is slightly larger than the current AirPods Pro, while the whole shape of the new AirPods is slightly more rounded compared to the Pro models.

Apple is expected to be hosting an event on March 23rd, where they will reportedly announce new iPad Pro models, AirTags, new AirPods, and potentially a new Apple TV with upgraded processors.

You can view the original tweet from LeaksApplePro below:


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