Apple ‘approves’ 120Hz Always-On Displays, serialised in-screen Touch ID, 1TB Pro models, portless Pro Max model; new iOS 15 Control Centre

Appleosophy Leaker @Jioruku shared several pieces of new information about the upcoming 2021 iPhone 13 on Twitter, including information about Touch ID, portless models, smaller notches, and other details.

Jioruku says that his sources have told him that Touch ID for the iPhone 13 has made the final cut, meaning that Apple as approved it. This doesn’t mean that Touch ID will actually make it to the final retail product, but that Apple has approved development of it and that it will likely make it to some internal prototypes. 

The new Touch ID sensor will be serialised. Jioruku has said that the Touch ID sensor will be almost fused into the glass, meaning that the original glass the iPhone shipped with will be required for Touch ID to work. Touch ID and the display will be assigned matching serial numbers that must match in order for Touch ID to work.


Apple may use an ultrasonic sensor in the display. In the internal testing, Jioruku says that the method Apple has developed is more secure and accurate compared to light-based sensors used by other companies.

Lastly, Jioruku says that Apple is working on an API for developers that would require the user to authenticate using both Face ID and Touch ID in order to access content in apps.

Aside from Touch ID, Apple has also approved a portless iPhone 13 Pro Max model. The smaller notch that has been leaked a few times over the past few weeks has also reportedly been greenlit. The new black colour leaked by Apple Leaker Max Weinbach is greenlit too. 


To accomodate for the portless iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple has approved a new Internet Recovery for the iPhone. Internet Recovery for the iPhone has been leaked several times over the past few months and would function very similarily to Internet Recovery on Macs, where you can download the software, restore the device, and troubleshoot the device with just an internet connection. Apple is also working on a modified version of the macOS Finder and iTunes to accomodate for the new portless iPhone.

A 120Hz display and an always-on display has also been approved by Apple. Jioruku says that the Always-On Display will function similar to the Always-On Display on the Apple Watch Series 5 and later, where complications can be customised by the user so the Always-On Display doesn’t just show the time and notifications.

The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max may have 1TB storage configurations as Apple have reportedly greenlit the larger storage sizes as well.

Jioruku also shared some information on iOS 15, which is expected to be officially announced by Apple at WWDC 2021 this June. He says that Apple are planning to introduce a macOS Big Sur-inspired Control Center, but this new Control Center will not be appearing in the developer betas until late into the iOS 15 Beta Program. 


He also says that iOS 15 will have support for the upcoming unnannounced AirTags, but will hide them should they not release to iOS 14 first. The AirTags support mainly consists of animations and AR tarcking and is currently embedded into iOS 15 at the moment. 

The iPhone 13 is expected to be announced by Apple this September, while iOS 15 is expected to be announced at the all-online WWDC 2021 taking place on June 7th. It shoud be noted that Jioruku has specified that many of these features are simply greenlit or approved, meaning that Apple have approved development to continue on these technologies, but it still might not make it to the final product, so it’s best to take all of these reports with a grain of salt.


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