Leaked image allegedly shows iPhone 13 mini prototype with new camera layout

Magin Bou (@MajinBouOfficial) on Twitter shared an image sent to him by an unconfirmed source. The source claims the phone in the image is an iPhone 13 mini prototype in blue. 

While everything in the image looks like an iPhone 12 mini, the camera module is slightly different and looks much similar to renders that have previously leaked. 


On the iPhone 12 mini, the two camera modules are vertically aligned along the left side of the camera housing. This image shows a different layout, where the cameras are diagonally aligned with presumably the Wide lens in the top-left corner and the Ultra-Wide in the bottom-right corner. 

As a result of the change in camera positions, the flash module has been moved up to the top right corner and the microphone has been moved to the bottom left corner. 


The source claims that this image is an iPhone 13 mini in the prototype stages, but failed to specify to Magin which prototype phase it was in. This means that it could be a very early prototype or a more recent prototype. It’s also unlikely that Apple would keep the same flagship colour as this year’s models. 

Generally, Apple tends to have a flagship colour for every year’s iPhones. For example, iPhone 7 was Jet Black, iPhone 11 was Midnight Green, iPhone 12 was Blue, etc. It’s strange that this prototype would continue the same colours as 2020’s models.

It should be noted that this image could be fake as we are still a few months away from the new iPhones being officially unveiled by Apple, so it’s best to take this leak with a grain of salt.

Apple’s ‘Spring Forward’ event is taking place in a few hours, and while we won’t hear anything about the 2021 iPhones, we might get to see AirTags, a new Apple Silicon iMac, a new iPad Pro, and more!


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