Ransomware leak confirms MacBook Pro with MagSafe, HDMI, and SD Card ports; new M1X Mac mini models coming

Today, 9to5Mac shared images of internal files detailing the upcoming Apple Silicon MacBook Pro. The files were released by the hacker group REvil, who have been blackmailing one of Apple’s suppliers for $50 million.

The leaked files include the technical breakdown of upcoming MacBook Pro models. The technical breakdown confirms the multiple previous reports that Apple will be returning to MagSafe with the upcoming MacBook Pro. Additionally, the leaked files also confirm that Apple is intending to bring the HDMI and SD Card ports back to the computer.


According to 9to5Mac, the files date back to March of this year for the EVT (Engineering Validation Test) stage. The codenames for these models are J314 and J316, which was first reported by Bloomberg in January as the codenames for the upcoming 14” and 16” MacBook Pro models, respectively. The files obtained by 9to5Mac show the logic board for the 16” MacBook Pro, so it’s not confirmed if the 14” model will be getting the MagSafe connector and HDMI and SD Card ports.

The leaked files also have references to two unreleased models of Mac mini, which 9to5Mac believe are M1X Apple Silicon models designed to replace the current Intel Mac mini models currently sold by Apple. The codenames for these models are “J374” and “J375”.

It’s possible that more about these Macs will leak over the next few days. REvil is currently blackmailing Apple supplier, Quanta, for $50 million USD and has threatened that for every day the money is not paid, they will continue to leak more internal files about upcoming products.


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