Apple Watch Series 7 may feature flat-edged design, new colours, and potentially smaller bezels, says leaker

Apple leaker Jon Prosser has shared information on the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7, which he believes will be getting a significant redesign this year, including a new design, colours, and more.

Jon Prosser says that his sources have sent him images and CAD files of the new Apple Watch models, which show the new flat-edged design similar to the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro design. Based on these images and CAD files, @RendersByIan (Twitter) have created accurate concepts showing what the new Apple Watch Series 7 will be like.


According to the leaks by Prosser, the screen will likely be remaining the same as the Series 4 onwards. However, Prosser says that Apple has been testing screens with thinner bezels.

The source also says that new colours will be coming to the Apple Watch Series 7, including a new green colour similar to the green currently found on AirPods Max. However, Prosser’s source says Apple is still experimenting with colours and these colours are not final.


Prosser says that he doesn’t know the specifications of the device as his source did not share that information with him, so as of now, it’s currently unknown what new features or hardware Apple might be planning for the next Apple Watch.

Another thing to note is that Apple uses code names for it’s upcoming devices, so Prosser’s source can’t say with absolute certainty that this is the Apple Watch Series 7.

Another thing to note about this leak is that Apple uses code names for it’s upcoming devices. The source has the code name but does not know which device this codename is referring to. Therefore, he cannot say with absolute certainty that this device is the Apple Watch Series 7. It could very well be a later version, e.g. Series 8, that is in development at Apple.


The Apple Watch Series 7 is likely going to be announced this September. Many rumours have suggested that this device will have more health features such as Blood Pressure Monitoring.

You can watch the full video from Jon Prosser below on the Front Page Tech YouTube Channel:


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