Rumour: Redesigned 14” and 16” M1X MacBook Pro to feature 23-30 hour battery life, rounded design, new MagSafe port; redesigned M1X Mac mini in the works

YouTuber Luke Miani has shared information about Apple’s upcoming 14” and 16” MacBook Pro and the next Mac mini.

Starting with the new 14” and 16” MacBook Pro, Miani says that the new MacBooks are going to feature a 10-core M1X Apple Silicon chip with a configurable 16 or 32 core GPU.

Miani also says that the battery life of these MacBooks will range from 23 to 30 hours. The Touch Bar is also gone and the function keys have been increased in size to match the other keys on the keyboard. The Touch ID sensor has been integrated into the key in the top right corner of the keyboard, exactly the same as the new iMac keyboards.  

Source: @RendersByIan and Luke Miani

The rumour also says that these MacBooks will be getting slightly thinner compared to their predecessors. The 14” model will be reducing from the current 0.61” to somewhere between 0.48” and 0.51” thick. The 16” models will be reducing from the current 0.64” to approximately 0.53” to 0.56” thick.

Miani also had more information on the new MagSafe port that may appear on these new Macs. Miani says that it looks like a larger USB-C port with three horizontal pins. The layout of the ports has also changed greatly. On the left, there will be the MagSafe port, two USB-4/Thunderbolt ports, and a headphone jack. On the right, there will be a HDMI, another USB-4 port, and an SD Card slot. 

The new MagSafe port (Source: @RendersByIan and Luke Miani)

Miani also says that the new MacBook Pro’s will have Dolby Atmos and Spacial Audio, which is highly likely considering Apple’s announcement this week of Dolby Atmos and Spacial Audio coming to Apple Music in June. 

Miani says that the new MacBook Pro models will be using a “rounded” design which looks quite similar to the design of the iPad Pro. Additionally, the “MacBook Pro” logo text found underneath the screen on current MacBook Pro models will not be appearing on this model. Miani also expects the webcams on the new MacBooks to be upgraded from a 720p HD camera to a 1080p HD camera with 3-microphone arrays.

Miani says that although Apple will probably update the MacBook Pros next year with mini-LED Liquid Retina XDR displays – the same found in the new 2021 12.9” iPad Pro – we will be getting new MacBook Pro models this year but with regular LCDs with significantly thinner bezels rather than the Liquid Retina XDR display.

The new rounded design for the MacBook Pro (Source: @RendersByIan and Luke Miani)

The pricing is also expected to remain the same as the current 13” and 16” MacBook Pro models.

In addition to the reports about the new MacBooks, Miani also shared information about the next-generation Mac mini with an M1X chip.

Miani says that Apple will be releasing a redesigned Mac mini with a flatter, more compact design. One of the changes mentioned is that the LED power indicator of the Mac mini will be moved to the centre (instead of being on the right side of the front). 

The bottom of the Mac mini will also be changing slightly. The most noticeable difference is that the black plastic bottom of the Mac mini is being removed and will be replaced with rubber feet similar to the feet found on the new iMac.

You can watch the full video from Luke Miani below on YouTube:


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