macOS Monterey features a ‘Low Power Mode’ setting

Apple today unveiled macOS Monterey, the next major OS release for the Mac, and it brings a slew of new features such as a redesigned Safari app, Universal Control, Shortcuts, and more!

One of the features that appeared in a slide during the WWDC announcement was “Low Power Mode”, a feature that has existed on the iPhone since iOS 9.


According to the official new features list from Apple, Low Power Mode on the Mac operates differently to the way Low Power Mode on the iPhone operates. 

When Low Power Mode is enabled on the iPhone, some features are temporarily disabled to save battery. These disabled features include email fetch, background app refresh, iCloud Photo Sync, automatic downloads, and some visual effects. On iPhone, 5G is also temporarily disabled.

Source: Apple (macOS Monterey)

However, on Mac, Low Power Mode operates slightly differently in that it simply lowers the brightness of the display and reduces the system clock speed. According to Apple, this is all  Low Power Mode for the Mac does to save power. 


Apple don’t elaborate on how much the clock speed is reduced, but it must be enough to save power so it can be classified by Apple as Low Power Mode. Apple also doesn’t elaborate on how much battery life or how many hours extra you should get with this setting enabled, but it’s likely that the results greatly depend on what you are using your Mac for when you enable the feature.

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