macOS Monterey is compatible with these Macs; drops support for older Macs

The newest version of macOS, Monterey, was announced by Apple today and brings a slew of new features such as Universal Control, redesigned Safari, AirPlay, Shortcuts, and more to the Mac.

Last year, macOS Big Sur dropped support for some older Mac models that were previously supported by macOS Catalina. Apple has done the same this year meaning that if your Mac is not a model on the list below, unfortunately, you will not be getting macOS Monterey this year.


Below is a list of Macs that can run macOS Monterey. To find out your Mac’s model, click the Apple Menu in the top left of the screen > About this Mac. Underneath the macOS version, you will see the model of your Mac. If your model is on the list below, you will be able to install macOS Monterey. If not, unfortunately you will be sticking to the latest available macOS version for your computer.

Compatible Mac models:

  • MacBook Pro (Early 2015 or later)
  • MacBook Air (2015 or later)
  • MacBook (Early 2016 or later)
  • iMac (Late 2015 or later)
  • Mac Pro (late 2013 or later)
  • iMac Pro (late 2017 or later)
  • Mac mini (2014 or later)

Have an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Apple TV? Click below to see if your devices are compatible with their new upcoming OS updates:


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