Leaked iPad mini 6 dummy units show huge redesign: Touch ID power button, thin bezels, Apple Pencil 2nd Gen support, and more.

DuanRui, a reliable leaker on Twitter, shared images of the upcoming iPad mini 6th generation. These leaked images show a complete design overhaul from the current iPad mini 5th generation that is available from Apple.

This unit appears to be a dummy unit. Dummy units normally begin to leak around the Summer before any new Apple product is officially announced by Apple. The dummy units are normally made for case manufacturers so the case designers can create and test their cases/accessories on the dummy units so they are ready for release by the time the new product is released.

The rear of the new iPad mini 6th generation

Four images of the new iPad mini 6th generation leaked today. The design is getting a complete design overall, making it much more similar to the design of the new iPad Air and iPad Pro designs. 

The top and bottom bezel has been changed to a single equal-width bezel running alongside the edge of the display. The home button has been removed completely in favour of Touch ID embedded into the Power Button on the top of the device. Due to this major change, the Power Button is slightly thicker, wider, and longer than the previous Power Button on the iPad mini.


The volume buttons are being moved from the right side of the device to the top side, opposite the new Touch ID Power Button. This change has occurred because the Apple Pencil can go where the volume buttons used to be. Like the iPad Pro and new iPad Air, the Apple Pencil will attach magnetically and charge while attached.

There will be a single camera on the rear of the device, although the new iPad mini’s camera is raised and appears to be much larger. There is a cutout in the front bezel for a front camera.

The side of the iPad mini 6 where the Apple Pencil can magnetically connect and charge.

Although you can attach and use the Apple Pencil on the 6th generation iPad mini, there doesn’t appear to be a Smart Connector on the rear of the device, meaning that users cannot attach a Smart Keyboard/Magic Keyboard to the iPad. The current iPad mini doesn’t allow users to attach a keyboard, even though it has support for the Apple Pencil.

Although we don’t have an official release date for this iPad mini, many rumours and reports have suggested that this new model could launch this Fall. Pricing is still unknown at this point, but it likely won’t be too much more expensive compared to the current iPad mini’s starting price of $399.

You can see DuanRui’s original tweet here:


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