Apple Watch Series 7 to have 16% more screen, 3 new watch faces, redesigned chassis, and more

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg released a detailed report today speaking about the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7 features, including a 16% more screen, new watch faces, and more.

Gurman starts the report by saying that the screen size will be increasing and Apple are focusing on how much information they can present to users at once on the screen. As previously rumoured, the new Apple Watch Series 7 will be 41mm and 45, increasing from the current 40mm and 44mm, respectively. The diagonal screen size for the 45mm size will be 1.9 inches, which is larger than the 44mm’s 1.78 inch screen size.


There will also be an increase in resolution on the 45mm version. The new resolution of the 45mm model is 496×484 compared to the 44mm’s 368×448 resolution, plus a 16% increase in pixels to allow for more complications to be shown on the Watch. The 41mm model will be getting similar improvements, but they are not detailed by Gurman. There will be thinner bezels on both models.

Thanks to the improved resolution and larger display, Apple is planning a “Modular Max” watch face that shows the time alongside one small complication with larger complications that “span the length of the screen”.


Another potential Watch face is called “Continuum” and will change dynamically based on the time and current hour. Apple are also creating an “Atlas” face which will show the time in all 24 time zones synchronously.

As with previous years, Apple is also working on new faces to compliment the Nike and Hermes models. The Hermes model will have large numbers that change hour by hour while the Nike one will have dynamic face features that change based on a person’s motion.


Gurman also says that the new Series 7 model will have a faster processor and a totally redesigned case with flatter edges, similar to the design language of the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro/Air.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to be announced officially by Apple this month, but they have yet to announce the event yet. That announcement should be coming within the next few days/weeks.


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