Leaked iPhone 13 box shows new paper opening tab instead of plastic wrapping

Apple leaker @DuanRui shared a photo on Twitter of the back of an iPhone 13 box, which shows Apple has removed the plastic wrapping in favour of a removable paper tab.


The tab is very similar to the kind found on the boxes of Apple accessories, such as cases and keyboards. The tab connects to the sticker that displays the model of the iPhone, which has also been adjusted. 


Normally, this sticker is on the bottom of the box and has information such as serial numbers, GBs storage, IMEIs, and more. On the iPhone 13, it seems that Apple have moved just the iPhone model, assembly location, and the “Designed By Apple in California” text to the top sticker where it connects to the opening tab. 

The picture doesn’t show the rest of the bottom of the box, so it’s unknown if Apple have just moved the missing information to somewhere else on the box or if it’s been removed from the rear of the box entirely.

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro are available for pre-order today and will be arriving to customers on September 24th. iOS 15 is launching on Monday, September 20th.


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