Leaked images show PRODUCT(RED) Lightning Cable

Images leaked by @MajinBu on Twitter show several PRODUCT(RED) lightning cables that have been manufactured by Foxconn.

The red lightning cables are likely going to be bundled with an upcoming PRODUCT(RED) colour variation of an iPhone or iPad. At present, the cable included with a PRODUCT(RED) iPhone is white, so Apple could be trying to make the red branding a little more prevalent in future versions of iPhones and iPads.


The four images show two different prototypes of the cable, with the apparent main difference being the colour of the lighting connector. It’s red in one image and white in others. Majin says that several versions have been produced.

Majin also says that this lightning cable is an original Foxconn manufactured product and will be compatible with any device that has a lightning port. Foxconn are the main manufacturers for most of Apple’s product, so it’s likely that this is an official product.


Apple has been supporting the PRODUCT(RED) for 14 years and has raised nearly $250 million dollars to help fight AIDS/HIV.

As with all leaks, the red lightning cable could still just be in development and might never be released so best to take this with a grain of salt.

The original tweet from MajinBu:


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