Everything You Need to Know About the new Mac Pro!

Apple’s new Mac Pro is something to talk about. Despite it cheese-grater like appearance, it’s a true powerhouse. But there’s a lot of information with this Mac, and sometimes it can be difficult to comprehend what Apple are saying about it. So below is all of the information about the Mac Pro, and everything we... Continue Reading →

What’s Happening at WWDC Today – June 6th 2019

WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) 2019 is currency ongoing, and following the keynote on Monday, there are many labs, sessions, events, and more that are to follow! So, what’s happening today, June 6th 2019, at WWDC? Each session is approximately 40 mins to 1 hour long, with the super-fun WWDC 2019 Bash being 3 hours long.... Continue Reading →

iOS 13 – 55 New Features!

Apple's new photo tab in iOS 13. Apple released the first (of hopefully many) iOS 13 betas on Monday, and so far so good. It’s stable at least and that volume indicator is truly perfect. But there’s a lot new inside iOS 13 and I hope to cover all of it, starting with 55 new... Continue Reading →

Overview of Everything Announced at WWDC 2019!

Yesterday, Apple held their annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), and it came with more than a few announcements. In the following article, we’re going o go through the entire conference and talk about everything Apple announced! Hardware There was only one hardware announcement at the conference, but it was more than enough for the event... Continue Reading →

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