‘AirPower’ may release in September, according to leaker.

Reliable Apple Leaker @soybeys has said today that ‘AirPower’, Apple’s wireless charging mat, may release this September.

Up until now, there really hasn’t been a timeframe given in regards to the launch of the fixed AirPower. However, Soybeys is saying that the new AirPower will be launching this September. It’s probable that Apple will unveil the new AirPower alongside the new iPhone and Apple Watch models at the Apple Event in September.

This is not the first time in recent months that we have heard that Apple have been working on an updated AirPower model. According to insiders, the main issue with the AirPower prototypes was that the Apple Watch would cause the coils inside AirPower to overheat and potentially catch fire. 


Since then, leakers have been suggesting over the past few weeks that Apple have been working internally on a new model that has these issues resolved. More specifically, Apple leaker Jon Prosser recently shared leaked pictures of an internal AirPower model. He also said that Apple had resolved the issues with the Apple Watch.

AirPower was announced alongside the iPhone X by Apple on September 12th 2017 at the Apple Event. Apple said that the AirPower would be coming soon, but it never arrived. Apple didn’t really speak about it until March 2019, almost 1 and a half years since it was announced, when Apple officially announced the AirPower had been cancelled. 


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