3D Touch is Not Being Removed. It’s just a bug with iOS 13 Beta 1.

3D Touch on iPhone 6s
Source: Apple

In iOS 13 Beta 1, many people noticed that Apple had removed 3D Touch from 3D touch devices. This includes features such as Peek and Pop and Quick Actions on Apps, a feature which I actually love. Interestingly, devices such as the iPhone XR and iPad Pro, which don’t have 3D Touch, actually received a less intuitive version of 3D Touch, which even showed the Quick Actions feature available on 3D Touch Devices such as the iPhone XS.

This made many people question if Apple were removing 3D Touch from iOS 13. But today, @donbytyqi on Twitter asked Apple’s VP of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, if 3D Touch was getting removed from 3D Touch Devices. He responded and said:

“Hi Don,

Really glad to hear that you’re enjoying iOS 13. 

‘Specifically, I’m talking about 3D Touching on App Icons looks like it’s gone or is it a bug’

That’s a bug. Please try again with the next beta. 


A screenshot of Craig’s Response
Source: @donbytyqi on Twitter

So, for those of you that are missing Peek and Pop and Quick Actions on Apps, don’t worry, it is returning in the next Beta of iOS 13. Developer Betas are always really buggy, so iOS 13 is not exception to the rule.

Did you miss 3D Touch? Let us know below in the comments!

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