42+ New Features and Changes in iOS 13 Beta 2!

iOS 13
Source: Apple

Apple have just released the second beta of the newly-announced iOS 13, the operating system for the iPhone, to all developers. iOS 13 has brought a lot of new features to the iPhone such as the logo-awaited Dark Mode.

So far, iOS 13 has had its ups and downs for me. I find that it’s constantly crashing, but that happened to me with the first iOS 12 beta. Around this time last year, Beta 2 of iOS 12 resolved all of the crashes that were occurring, and iOS 12 became the smoothest OS I’ve ever experienced. Hopefully, iOS 13 beta 2 will be same (so far so good).

So, what’s new or changed in iOS 13 beta 2? Below is everything we could find that is new, different, or changed in iOS 13 Beta 2.

  1. 3D Touch is Back!

iOS 13 had no 3D Touch enabled on 3D Touch devices, which Apple’s Head of Software Engineering confirmed was a bug. It seems that Beta 2, Apple have brought 3D Touch back.

2. Audio Sharing is enabled for AirPods and PowerBeats Pro in Beta 2

At WWDC 2019, Apple announced that you would be able to share audio with other AirPod and PowerBeats user. This was previously not enabled in Beta 1, but is enabled and working in Beta 2! Audio Sharing is available on AirPods Generation 1, 2, and the new PowerBeats Pro. To do this, you must have an iPhone 8 or later, iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd generation or later), iPad Pro 11-inch, iPad Pro 10.5-inch, iPad (5th generation or later), iPad Air (3rd generation), iPad mini (5th generation), or iPod touch (7th generation or later).

3. SMB Server Connectivity is Enabled

In iOS 13 beta 2, you can now connect successfully to a SMB Server wirelessly. In Beta 1, you would receive an error upon attempting to connect, but this is no longer the case.

4. Files now supports Apple File System (APFS)

The Files application on the iPhone now supports Apple File System in iOS 13 Beta 2. This is the file format that is used on Macs since the introducing of macOS High Sierra back in 2017. This is a major addition to the Files application, and I’m very happy to see it.

5. AirPlaying now displays the correct information and results

In iOS 13 Beta 2, Apple have resolved the issue where AirPlaying content would not AirPlay the correct information or content. According to Apple, this issue is now resolved.

6. You no longer need to rotate your iPad to its landscape orientation to edit your widgets.

You can now edit your widgets in vertical orientation and horizontal orientation, something which was not possible in iOS 13 Beta 1.

7. Face ID no longer stops working unexpectedly.

Previously in iOS 13 Beta 1, Face ID would repeatedly stop working for me. This issue is now resolved and Face ID will work as expected. 

8. You can sync or update a device running iOS & iPadOS 13 from a Mac that isn’t running macOS 10.15 beta or Xcode 11 beta.

This is in order to allow users running macOS Mojave to update their devices to iOS 13/iPadOS 13. Thank you Apple!

9. Reduce Transparency no longer displays video incorrectly. 

Previously in iOS 13 Beta 1, if you had Reduce Transparency enabled, video would sometimes be disrupted/distorted. This is no longer an issue in iOS 13 Beta 2 and content is displayed correctly. 

10. It no longer crashes when viewing Trends on the last day of the month in Activity.

In Beta 1, when you would go to view the last day of the month in ‘Trends’, the Activity App would crash instantly. This is no longer an issue.

11. Initiating a phone call using Siri from one device doesn’t result in the call being routed to the other device. 

I was caught foul of this one a few times. I would make a call from my iPhone using Siri, and it would be routed to my iPad or Mac. This was a really frustrating bug and I’m glad to see it gone. 

12. Books and PDFs imported into the Books app upload to iCloud Drive as expected.

This was a really frustrating bug for me as most of my PDFs are in Apple Books. They would not sync to iCloud for me to view on my iPhone or Mac. Apple have no resolved the issue and you can now sync your books correctly with iCloud.

13. Books stored in iCloud Drive appear properly in Books. 

14. In CarPlay, images within navigation apps display at the expected size.

I haven’t used CarPlay with iOS 13 because I was actually afraid of bugs, but CarPlay would have an issue where the icons inside maps would appear bigger or smaller than what they’re supposed to be. This is now resolved.

15. You can now swipe the Maps screen to return to the Home screen in CarPlay

16. Your iPhone will no longer display a blank screen after using CarPlay.

What a weird issue!?

17. You no longer need to launch Maps before asking Siri for directions in CarPlay.

18. You no longer experience interruptions when attempting to play Amazon Prime Video.

For those of you who use Amazon Prime Video, you no longer need to worry about it crashing on iOS 13. I don’t use Amazon Prime Video, but I did see people talking about it on Twitter and I can imagine that it would be really frustrating. 

19. On the iPhone screen, you can adjust playback volume while a track is paused.

20. While Airplane Mode is enabled, you’re no longer prompted to turn Wi-Fi on even though it’s already on.

21. You no longer receive an error when trying to sign into iCloud while attempting to restore from a backup. 

22. Ignore Blocked Senders can now be enabled!

You can now block senders in the Mail application. You can do this by enabling it in Settings > Mail. The blocked contacts list is then shared with Messages, FaceTime, and Phone. This is a really cool feature and I’m glad Apple added it in.

23. Mail no longer quits unexpectedly when turning on Voice Control or when using VoiceOver, Switch Control, or Full Keyboard Access to reply to an email.

24. Tapping a maps.apple.com URL opens Maps rather than Safari.

When you opened an Apple Maps link in Beta 1, this would bring you to maps.apple.com in Safari. This is no longer the case as those links will now open in the Maps app on your iPhone. 

25. The Memoji editor works properly outside of the Messages app. 

26. The Messages icon no longer displays an exclamation mark before you first open it.

27. Notes now sync correctly with iCloud.

28. Certain notes no longer become illegible when the Increase Contrast accessibility setting is enabled.

This was a really odd bug that happened to me while trying to break iOS 13 Beta 1. Glad to see that it has been fixed. 

29. In FaceTime, Wi-Fi calls no longer drop when transitioning from Wi-Fi to a cellular network.

30. Attempting to take a FaceTime Live Photo of another user during a Group FaceTime call doesn’t cause the remote user to be disconnected from the call. 

31. Sign In with Apple no longer appears unexpectedly on unsupported sites.

32. In Voice Memos, memos synced from iCloud might not play.

33. If you pair more than one Apple Watch with your iPhone, you can now switch the active connection once again.

34. The High-Key Light Mono Portrait Mode is now enabled on the iPhone X, XS, XR (Front Cameras), and XS Max

This was a new mode for Portrait Mode announced at WWDC 2019. I absolutely love it to pieces, and I was wondering where it was in Beta 1. Apple have finally put in into this beta for everyone to try out!

35. There is a new Splashscreen upon opening Maps. 

Apple have added a new Splashscreen to Apple Maps upon opening the Application for the first time. See below for a screenshot!

A screenshot of the new Splashscreen in Apple Maps

36. Sharing a webpage now give you ‘Options’

This is a new feature that occurs when sharing a webpage, which allows you to send the webpage as an ‘Automatic’, ‘PDF’, or ‘Web Archive’.

A screenshot of the new ‘Options’ menu in the Share Sheet in Safari

37. Screen Time settings from iPhone now sync to the Apple Watch 

38. There are 4 new Memoji Stickers!

In Beta 2, you now gain access to 4 new Memoji Stickers, consisting of a fingers crossed, shush, thinking, and victory

39. New Splash Screen for HomePod

Upon loading the Home app, if you have a HomePod (which I don’t), you will now get a splash screen informing you about all the new features coming to the HomePod in the Fall. I don’t have a HomePod, so credit to 9to5mac for finding this!

The new HomePod Splashscreen in the ‘Home’ App
Source: 9to5Mac

40. Double Notifications are now resolved

In Beta 1, I was plagued with Double Notifications. This means that where you should only be receiving one notification – for example, an iMessage – I would receive two notifications. Imagine being in a group chat! Bing, bing, bing! Luckily, Apple seemed to have resolved this issue in Beta 2! I’ve received a few notifications from iMessage, Twitter, Instagram, and more and I have had no double notifications!

41. Non X-series iPhones feature darker dock in Dark Mode

42. There is a new ‘unloved’ option in Apple Music

In Apple Music, you are now able to ‘unlove’ songs that you previously had loved.

The new ‘Unlove’ option in Apple Music

42. When Voice Control is enabled, a new microphone icon appears next to the time.

43. There is a new sound that plays in iMessage when someone uses Tapback.

Inside Messages, when some uses Tapback to a message, there are now new sounds that play! You can hear them here! Credit to Daniel Yount for this discovery.


iOS 13 Beta 2 seems way better than Beta 1. It seems to be much smoother and it seems not to crash as often as it used to. I’ve had beta 2 installed on my iPhone for about an hour and a half and so far, only 1 crash. A week ago, I would have had 10 crashes in the same amount of time. Other than that and the fact that Fallout Shelter is still crashing, iOS 13 Beta 2 seems to be super solid and although it still feels like a beta, I think we’re getting closer and closer to the point where it feels like it’s suitable for the main devices. 

iOS 13 Beta 2 is available to all developers now through IPSW in iTunes, which you must download from the Apple Developer Portal. Can’t wait to get you hands on it? Don’t worry, the Public Beta, which is free, will be available to the public ‘early next month’.

Anyway, developers – what do you think of iOS 13 Beta 2? Non-developers – what do you think of some of the features mentioned above? My favourite has to be Audio Sharing, so I’m really excited to properly experiment with that!

Thanks for reading!

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