Apple might eventually bring a non-disruptive incoming call user interface to iOS!

iOS 13 Concept envisioning a redesigned, non-obtrusive UI when receiving a call

iOS 13 brings a whole new range of new and exciting features to the iPhone’s operating system, but one of the biggest requests that people have been asking Apple to implement into iOS for years has, once again, been omitted from the final version. 

Since iPhone OS 1.0, when you receive a call, the whole screen is filled up by this full screen UI with the name of the caller, options and extras for the call, and of course, the pick up and hang up buttons. Almost 13 years later, the UI is practically the exact same. Over the last few years, iOS users have been begging Apple to change this UI so that it would be non-obtrusive and would not take up the entire screen. 

Reddit user u/rajasekarcmr decided to send an email to Craig Federighi, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, regarding this feature and he received a response from Hair Force One himself! You can see the response below:

The response reads:

“Thanks for the note. Glad to hear you’ve been enjoying iOS 13!

‘ The later is a very important feature people all over Reddit are requesting.’

Right… my inbox is getting filled daily by these reddit denizens forwarding this request.

We cannot make this change in iOS 13, but we’ll certainly keep it in mind for the future.

– craig”

The response from Craig Federighi, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering

So, while we won’t be getting a non-obtrusive user interface for incoming calls this year, there is a chance we will get it for possibly iOS 14! At least we know that Apple are aware of it, so it’s on their minds!

Would you like a a new user interface for incoming calls? Let us know in the comments below!

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