The best and most underrated feature of iOS 13!

Apple AirPods Generation 2 with Wireless Charging
Source: Apple Inc.

iOS 13 has brought a slew of new features to the iPhone’s operating system. But the addition of iOS being able to calculate if the volume of your headphones is too loud for your ears is truly, in my opinion, the best and most underrated feature of Apple’s new OS.

I’m a person who listens to audio with headphones for most of the day. I love listening to music when I’m doing work, writing, walking, shopping, and much much more. When doing the aforementioned activities, I always have my AirPods in. They’re easy, light, and provide good and high quality sound. 

However, it has crossed my mind that I could be damaging my hearing through all these events. I try to keep the volume at the first or second node in the volume settings, but even then, the concern resides at the back of my mind. Years ago, I enabled the EU Volume Check and to this day still keep it enabled. But often times, that doesn’t serve as enough of a security to my hearing.

But with the introduction of iOS 13, my attention was instantly captured in the Health application with regards to iOS informing you whether or not your hearing may be damaged by the volume of the audio in your AirPods or other devices. This let me breath a sign of relief and lets me listen to audio with confidence. 

iOS 13 monitors your listening volume in decibels (dB) and calculates whether this would be potentially damaging to your ears as you continue to listen to music. This therefore alerts you if your audio is too loud and could potentially cause harm to your hearing. 

So thank you Apple for adding this feature. It helps me out a lot and ensures to both me and many other that I’m not listening to my audio too loud. I’ve always been very careful regarding my hearing, and these new features help me do that.

What do you think of this feature? What do you think is the most underrated feature of iOS 13?

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