Waterproof ‘AirPods 3’ to arrive later this year!

Apple’s AirPods Generation 2 with Wireless Charging
Source: Apple

Apple’s AirPods have been a cultural phenomenon, and according to a new report obtained by 9to5Mac from Wedbush analysts, Apple will be once again making a refresh to the AirPods line up later this year. 

Apple’s AirPods received a minor refresh earlier this year with the introduction of “AirPods Generation 2”, which was stylised simply as “AirPods with Wireless Charging”. These revised AirPods features a new Apple-designed H1 chip, which improved connectivity speeds including a 2x faster connection time and a 1.5x faster connection time for phone calls, ‘Hey Siri’ support, and higher quality sound. Probably the biggest new feature to be added to this iteration of the AirPods was the Wireless Charging case. 

However, the Wedbush analysts are predicting that Apple will be bringing another refresh of the AirPods to the market before the end of the year. ‘AirPods 3’ will apparently have waterproof features and some sport design improvements. Of course, these new features does drive the price up, so the analysts suggest that the price for ‘AirPods 3’ will be higher than other models.

I’m still rocking Generation 1 of AirPods and I absolutely love them. I don’t know if waterproofing is something that would make me upgrade my current AirPods, but we’ll see what other features will come with these new ‘AirPods 3’.

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