What’s new in iOS 13 Beta 5?

Today, Apple released the fifth beta of iOS 13, their newest operating system for the iPhone. iOS 13 brings some nifty new features to Apple’s operating system, such as a Dark Mode, lyrics in Apple Music, faster Face ID, and much much more.

So, what’s new or changed inside the new iOS 13 beta 5? Well, below is a list of all of the newest features and changes that can be found inside of the fourth beta of iOS 13. This beta is running Build 17A5547d. At the moment, there are no release notes attached to iOS 13, but they may be added later.

Please note that this article is a work in progress. It will be continually updated as we find things inside iOS 13.

  • After updating, there is a new “Update Completed” Splashscreen that says “Your iPhone was successfully updated. There are just a few more steps to follow, and then you’ve finished”
  • Following the update, there is a new splash screen which asks you which mode (Dark or Light) you would like. This animates based on which option you choose.
  • The transition from light mode to dark mode now animates
  • Screenshots on the X-series iPhones and 2018 iPad Pros now have rounded corners
  • The volume indicator is now narrower on iPhone
  • The icons for Pause, Play, and Skip are now slimmer and smaller in the Music Controls in the Control Centre
  • Haptic Feedback when changing the volume via the Side buttons
  • There is now 34 different levels of volume instead of the regular 16 levels that we have had up until now
  • My 3D Touch is a little bit weird in this beta. Half works, half doesn’t.
  • There are redesigned wallpapers in the Home app.
  • The App Store updates panel now has an “Upcoming Automatic Updates” panel, which shows you the apps that will be automatically updating soon.
  • There is no longer a delay when setting a new wallpaper
  • Fallout Shelter and The Elder Scrolls Blades no longer crashes on iPhone and iPad!
  • Widgets View now loads correctly in Portrait view
  • Apple News in the Widgets View now updates. Previously in Beta 4 (although this didn’t happen to everyone), my Apple News Widgets wouldn’t update with the latest headlines. This is now resolved.

At the moment, I’m thinking that this is it for this update. From the looks of it, there aren’t that many new features, but it definitely feels much smoother and small improvements like the ones mentioned above always make operating systems feel just that little bit better to the user.

If we do find any more new features, we will be sure to update this article!

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