Apple Card Companion App Reportedly coming to iPad

Apple’s New Apple Card, which features a titanium, number-less card

According to a new report released today by Bloomberg, Apple have plans to bring the Apple Card Companion app to the iPad, which is a move I was not expecting Apple to make. 

Up until this point, all information regarding Apple Card suggests that it will be available in the Apple Wallet app, which is currently only available on the iPhone. All promotional images of Apple Card and the respective software related to Apple Card has only ever been shown working on iPhone. However, Bloomberg are reporting that Apple is planning a companion app for iPad users to be able to sign up and manage their Apple Card. Bloomberg are saying that there are hidden files in the recent iOS 12.4 update that suggests that there is a companion app for iPads. 

Alongside this, Bloomberg also say that Apple Card’s Terms and Conditions document also references to Apple Card management being available on iPad. The Terms and Conditions say that an Apple Card account requires an “iOS or iPadOS device that has a version of iOS or iPadOS (as applicable) that supports the use of Apple Card, has internet access, and has a passcode enabled.”

Apple’s App Card app, which has only ever been shown working on iPhone.

Apple Card is a special type of Credit Card that has been created in collaboration between Apple and Goldman-Sachs. Apple Card has no fees and features some cool new things such as financial wellbeing, Daily Cash, utmost privacy, and a super sexy titanium card with absolutely no numbers on it. Apple Card will only be available in the United States at launch, with Apple likely to roll it out to the rest of the world in the weeks/months following its launch in the US.

What do you think of a companion Apple Card management app arriving to the iPad? I think it would be pretty cool, and it would also encourage users to try out Apple Card. However, Apple Card hasn’t launched yer, so this app may be dead in the water. We’ll have to watch this space!

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