What’s New in iOS 13 Beta 6?

Today, Apple released the sixth beta of iOS 13, their newest operating system for the iPhone. iOS 13 brings some nifty new features to Apple’s operating system, such as a Dark Mode, lyrics in Apple Music, faster Face ID, and much much more.

So, what’s new or changed inside the new iOS 13 beta 6? Well, below is a list of all of the newest features and changes that can be found inside of the sixth beta of iOS 13. This beta is running Build 17A5556d.

Please note that this article is a work in progress. It will be continually updated as we find things inside iOS 13.

  • According to the release notes, Users can now accept invitations to App and Book Assignments.
  • Audio now correctly plays in Instagram stories
  • Dragging app icons from the Spotlight view now behaves as expected.
  • You can no longer select the “One more minute” button multiple times per day once you reach the limit time for an application.
  • Control Centre now has a widget for switching between Dark and Light mode.
  • New App Store Splashscreen upon opening the app (See Below)
  • When backing up from iCloud, the progress bar now moves as it should and gives an accurate representation of the progress of the update.
  • A lot of weird bugs for me. Wouldn’t be surprised is Apple re-release this update again.
  • New Splashscreen in the Photos app
  • The 34 levels of volume, which were added to iOS 13 Beta 5, has now returned to the original 16 levels of volume.
  • Announce Messages with Siri has been removed in this Beta. Considering this was one of the main new features in iOS 13, I would imagine that it’s removal is just a bug.
  • New Splashscreen for Voice Memos has been added (See Below)
  • The control centre icons feel a little more 3D-Touch like than before in Beta 5
  • Triple Click the Home Button for Dark Appearance setting has been removed
  • Keyboard is no longer randomly disappearing
  • App icon disappearing glitch after swiping up is still prevalent for me
  • Peek-and-Popping app icons make them slightly bigger until you dismiss the Pop
  • The issue where my WiFi would randomly disconnect and not reconnect until a reboot is now fixed!
  • 5G Icon is now correctly sized

From the looks of it, this update doesn’t seem to have that many new features that are visible from the outside. I have a lot of bugs with this update (have had to restart my device like twice now), so I expect Apple to re-release this update again sometime over the next week.

Have you updated to iOS 13 beta 5? At the moment, it’s only for developers, but the public beta should probably launch tomorrow, so stay tuned for that!

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