This is what Apple’s upcoming CarKey User Interface will look like.

Apple’s upcoming CarKey feature has been long rumoured, but a recent leak gives insight into how the user interface for CarKey will look.

The images were shared on Twitter by a reliable leaker (@DongleBookPro), and the images seem to show a CarKey pass in Apple Wallet for a BMW i8. The User Interface for CarKey seems to be almost identical to a pass inside Apple Wallet. The cover of the card is going to look like the model of the car CarKey is registered to. In this instance, the registered car is a BMW i8, so the cover of the CarKey pass is a BMW i8.

Once you click into the card, you are given a panel which displays the information for the vehicle. This includes information regarding the car model, the car manufacturer, and also toggles for Express Mode. Express Mode is a feature inside Apple Wallet that’s allows you to use passes without the need for Touch ID or Face ID. Express Mode was first introduced for use on public transport services such as the London Underground, but Apple have expanded it to other areas, and it would appear that CarKey will avail of it also.

Credit: @DongleBookPro

You can also change the permissions of the registered CarKey and you are able to change several options regarding the controls it has access to. In the case of this vehicle, you have the option to grant CarKey access to:

  1. Access to only the trunk of the vehicle and nothing else
  2. Access to only the ability to unlock the car and nothing else.
  3. Access to the car and the ability to drive it.

This is perhaps our best look at CarKey since the rumours began to leak a few months back. It is expected that Apple will officially announce CarKey alongside iOS 14 at the all-new online WWDC 2020 conference, which is taking place this Summer.

You can see the three screenshots shared by DongleBookPro at his Twitter or in the gallery below:

Credit to @DongleBookPro on Twitter for this leak!

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