This is what Apple’s upcoming CarKey User Interface will look like.

Apple’s upcoming CarKey feature has been long rumoured, but a recent leak gives insight into how the user interface for CarKey will look. The images were shared on Twitter by a reliable leaker (@DongleBookPro), and the images seem to show a CarKey pass in Apple Wallet for a BMW i8. The User Interface for CarKey […]

iOS 14 to feature new Home Screen list view with Siri Suggestions

9to5Mac once again revealed some new details about the upcoming iOS 14 update, which is rumoured to be unveiled at the yet-to-be announced WWDC conference in June. According to 9to5Mac, Apple plan on introducing a new home screen interface in iOS 14. The new list view will show users all the apps currently installed on […]

iOS 14 to feature full mouse support; New Smart Keyboard with Trackpad coming soon

9to5Mac revealed today that Apple are intending to include full mouse support in iOS 14. This information comes from iOS 14 code that has been shared with 9to5Mac. 9to5Mac are saying that there are a few new features that will help the user experience when using a mouse with an iPad. The first being that […]

iOS 14 icon leak shows off Apple’s over-ear headphones.

9to5Mac revealed two hidden icons depicting the unreleased Apple over-ear AirPods. They have found these two images in unreleased iOS 14 code that has been shared with them. Credit: 9to5Mac The icons simply show the design of the headphones, but don’t go into detail regarding the features they have. The first thing to note from […]

At least one new Apple product to be delayed, according to insiders at Apple.

Today, Twitter user Brian Roemmele (@BrianRoemmele) shared some information he received from insiders at Apple regarding WWDC 2020 and the announcement of at least one product being delayed to later this year. It is unknown what unannounced product(s) the insiders are talking about, as there have been rumours regarding several new products from Apple […]