Leaked iOS 14 ‘Gobi’ app details AR and ‘Find My’ improvements and special QR codes

Josh Constine from constine.substack.com has shared some leaked images from iOS 14 that he received from a leaker. 

The images he shared show the new Augmented Reality app from Apple called ‘Gobi’. ‘Gobi’ is an app that is being developed by Apple that will scan QR codes and enter a augmented reality zone based on that QR code.

Josh started off his report by showing off the app icon for ‘Gobi’, which can be seen below:

The next thing he shared was a new QR code format that “uses coloured cones of varying sizes instead of a matrix of dots”. You can see some of the QR codes below:

As for the Apple QR codes, if you scan these codes using the Gobi app, they will bring you to Mac Pro and Apple Watch websites, with the image in the top right hand corner bringing you to Star Wars: Rogue One film on the iTunes Store. 

The most interesting QR code is the Starbucks QR code. If this is scanned with the Gobi app, it brings you to the Starbucks Card sign-up website. It has been rumoured that Apple and Starbucks are working on a partnership together, although it is unknown what this partnership will entail.


Josh also showed that Gobi may be intelligent enough to offer discounts, promotions, or other benefits based on the current Starbucks that you are in. He says that Gobi will use geo-fencing to calculate when to show you a promotion/experience.

‘Gobi’ also has a shopping comparison feature that leads to a broken link and a 3D model of an Apple Watch Series 4/5.

Josh showed an image named “Sbux_preview” which shows a Pagoda tower on a table. It’s unknown what this image has to do with Gobi, but Josh suspects that this could be a demonstration of how AR could influence the decorations of a cafe by giving visitors something to interact with.

The Find My app also getting some improvements in iOS 14. According to Josh, the Find My app will use vibrations to help you locate your missing devices. Josh also says that the sounds will change based on you location in relation to the location of the item you are tracking. For example, the sounds will change if you are right in front of the item, and the sounds will change if you are going further away from the item.

That is all that Josh Constine shared today, but this does provide more insight into some new AR improvements that will be coming to iPhone and iPad in iOS 14.

Credit to Josh Constine from constine.substack.com for this information!


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