Leaker releases Info on ‘Apple Glass’, including Design, Features, UI, and Pricing.

Apple Leaker Jon Prosser has shared some information regarding the long-rumoured Apple Glasses.

The first thing Prosser says is that the official name for the new set of AR glasses from Apple is “Apple Glass”. He also says that the Apple Glass will retail for $499 plus the price of your prescription.

He also says that all data processing is going to happen on the iPhone, similar to the very first Apple Watch. This means that it won’t be an entirely separate device from the iPhone. It will rely on the iPhone quite a bit.

Prosser says that Apple Glass will be a “One More Thing” announcement, and Apple wants the media present for the unveiling. He says that original unveiling plan was to announce it in September alongside the new iPhones, but the current announcement plans are revolving around the COVID-19 restrictions. The second option for the announcement of Apple Glass is at the March 2021 event.

Similar to the original Apple Watch announcement back in 2014, Prosser says that the Apple Glass won’t be available right away. It will be available months later, possibly around late 2021/early 2022.


He also shared some details regarding the design. He says that the prototype he has seen had plastic frames, and will likely be different for the retail version. He also says they are meant to look like glasses rather than futuristic glasses, and don’t match the concepts that have been shared over the past few years.

It has a LiDAR sensor on the right side of the glasses, and doesn’t have any cameras on the device for privacy reasons. The Apple Glass will have a plastic stand that will come with the device that will wirelessly change the glasses.

As for the UI, both lenses will have displays that show a UI named “Starboard”. It can be controlled with gestures on the device or in front of the displays, presumable using gestures. Apple Glass will be able to scan proprietary Apple QR codes, which are probably similar to the leak from yesterday which showed off internal Gobi QR codes. Prosser says that only you, the wearer, will be able to see the UI. All other people will be unable to see the user interface.


As for Apple Sunglasses, Apple are working on a pair, but they are unable to get the displays working on the tinted lenses. They may arrive with the second/third generation of the Apple Glass

Prosser says that the data from the current LiDAR sensors that are on the market, e.g. the 2020 iPad Pro, is going to the Apple Glass team, who are using the data to greatly improve the Apple Glass.

That is all the Apple Glass information that Prosser shared today, but he says that he has recovered a video of the prototype and is trying to figure out the legality of publishing the video to the internet.

You can see the full video below:


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