Widgets may not be arriving to iOS 14; probable to appear in iOS 15

Highly reliable Apple-leaker Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) has shared some information he has received regarding the long-rumoured Widgets home screen redesign that is rumoured to be appearing in the upcoming iOS 14.

According to his sources, the widgets home screen view is not a priority to the Apple iOS software engineers. He also says that, as of now, no internal iOS 14 builds at Apple include any widget views/home screen UI.

Prosser says that he’s not saying that Apple wont include it in a build between now and iOS 14’s release, but none of the current internal builds have it.

Prosser goes on to say that Apple is considering giving 3rd-party developers access to the control centre for custom Control Centre widgets. This would mean that developers could create custom widgets that would appear in the Control Centre. As of now, Apple don’t allow any custom widgets in the Control Centre, and only Apple-crafted widgets are allowed to appear. No apps have access to the Control Centre.

At the end of his report, he says that it is probable that the widgets-filled Home Screen redesign is likely to be kept until iOS 15.

iOS 14 is scheduled to be announced at WWDC 2020, which is taking an entirely new all-online format this year, for the first time in the conferences’ history. 

Credit to Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) for this information.

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