AirTags design leaked; bottle cap size, metal bottom, leather pouch to be sold separately.

Jon Prosser has released concepts showing the design of the upcoming Apple AirTags. The concept he shared was created based on a video that had been sent to him from his sources. Prosser explains that he created the concept instead of showing the video in order to protect the original source.

The AirTag design will use a white front with no Apple logo, as previously suggested by several leakers and concepts. Instead, the Apple logo will be on the bottom of the AirTag. The bottom of the AirTag will have a polished metal back with “Designed by Apple in California” text engraved into the circumference of the polished metal circle, similar to the Apple Watch. 

You can see the concepts from Jon Prosser and ConceptCreator below:


Prosser estimates that the AirTags are slightly larger than a regular bottle cap. He also says that it’s likely that Apple will announce them at tomorrow’s “Time Flies” event.


Unlike Tile trackers which have a little hole on the corner to allow you to attach your Tile tracker to your keychain, Prosser’s sources are telling him that AirTags have no hole anywhere to allow you to attach them to a keychain. Instead, Prosser says that Apple will offer a keychain with a leather pouch for your AirTag. This pouch will be sold separately. 

With less than 24 hours to Apple’s event, there is still quite a lot of confusion about what Apple will announce. Some leakers, including Prosser, have suggested that Apple will not announce a new iPhone, instead focusing the event on Apple Watch, iPads, and AirTags, whilst other leakers have said that Apple will announce a new iPhone. All will be revealed at tomorrow’s event!


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