iPhone 12 enters mass production; shipping with iOS 14.1 in October, no 120Hz display

Jon Prosser has said today that the iPhone 12 have entered mass production this week, but reiterates that it will not be announced at the ‘Time Flies’ event on September 15th. Additionally, he also states that the iPhone 12 may not have a 120Hz display.


Prosser says that the minimum version of iOS 14 the iPhone 12 models will support will be iOS 14.1. He says that iOS 14.1 won’t be ready for public use until the 9th of October, meaning that Apple will likely not install the OS onto these iPhones until that date and says that iOS 14.1 has to be installed on all iPhone 12 units.

In an earlier Tweet, Prosser stated that the iPhone 12 Pro’s 120Hz display, with the codename d6x, didn’t make it to mass production. If this is true, this means that the iPhone 12 Pro will not use a 120Hz display. He also clarifies that the iPhone 12 mass production only began this week and says that he would be “shocked if they announced it at the iPhone event”.


As of the time of writing, the Apple ‘Time Flies’ event is just four days away, where all of Apple’s newest products will be officially announced. Recent leaks have suggested that Apple will show a cheaper Apple Watch model, Apple Watch Series 6, and AirTag. Other leaks have suggested that we may see more about the Apple One subscription, iPhone 12, ARM Macs, and even AirPower. All will be revealed in less than a week.


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