AirTag Quick Start Guide leaked; shows design, wireless charging, AirPower, and more

A new leaker called Caleb Lin (@caleblin_apple) on Twitter has released images that show both an AirPower and an AirTag in a draft of a Quick Start Guide scheduled for demo printing by Apple.

The images on the right side of the leaked image show an AirTag, an AirPower, and (what looks to be ) an Apple Watch charger. Based on the arrows shown in the diagrams, you can place the AirTag on an AirPower or an Apple Watch charger for the AirTag to charge wirelessly. 

This is particularly unusual as practically all leaks prior to today have said that the AirTag will use a user-removable coin battery. This battery is rumoured to be accessible to the user via a removable door at the bottom of the AirTag, similar to the earlier Apple TV remotes. This leak would suggest that Apple will use a rechargeable battery in AirTags that can be charged wirelessly.


Based on the top paragraph on the right side of the leaked image, it appears that the main (or only) method of charging AirTags is by placing it on the included wireless charger, similar to the Apple Watch. It also confirms that a wireless charger will be included in the AirTag box, although the AirPower will be available separately, as can be seen in the fine print at the bottom of the image.


Another image leaked by @caleblin_apple shows how to attach the AirTag to a keychain. Despite the blur, both the AirTag and the key are quite visible. According to Caleb’s source, there is text accompanying this image telling the user to use the “rubber loop”, meaning the diagram shown in this leaked photo is likely a placeholder and will be replaced with the actual diagram before mass production.


In the final image leaked today by Caleb Lin (@caleblin_apple), it shows an iPhone that has been paired with an AirTag. This page of the guide is dedicated the showing the user how to track their misplaced AirTags using the ‘Find My’ app, but not much else is given because the placeholder information has yet to be completed.

That is all the information shown by Caleb Lin today, but these images certainly give a better idea of what AirTags will be like. It also confirms recent rumours that have suggested the AirPower is still in development at Apple. Apple is expected to announce the Apple Watch Series 6 and the next iPad Air on September 8th, with the iPhone 12 following a week or two later.

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