More pictures of iPad Air 4 documentation leak; shows Touch ID, USB-C, Thicker Bezels, and more

Following several pictures of the iPad Air 4 documentation leaking last week, more pictures of this documentation have appeared online after Apple leaker @Soybeys shared them on his Twitter. This documentation is the setup sheet that comes in the box with most Apple products.

The pamphlet that leaked last week was in Spanish. These images, which can be found above, are in English, although some of the words have been intentionally blurred or removed.

Credit: @Soybeys on Twitter

In the first image on the left side, it says in the top paragraph that the top button has Touch ID, which was leaked in the last image too. The other sections in this image simply show how to navigate through the iPad using gestures, similar to the pamphlet that is provided with the current iPad Pro models.


The second image gives us a better look at the iPad Air 4 Apple Pencil capabilities and the rear of the device. On the left side of the image, the top paragraph yet again reiterates that you can use Touch ID on the top button to unlock your iPad. Additionally, this page says that the iPad Air 4 will have a USB-C connector on the bottom of the device and will be compatible with Apple Pencil, but we don’t know which generation Apple Pencil it uses as the paragraph speaking about it has been blurred.

The iPad Air 4 also will have a tap-to-wake display. The image on the right side of the image shows the rear of the device and shows that it will have a Smart Connector and the Apple logo will be in the centre of the iPad. It will also have a single camera with a mic below it.


One of the less noticeable changes with this iPad is that the display bezels have been increased slightly, which would make sense considering this is supposed to be cheaper than the typical iPad Pro, which uses high-end displays with ProMotion. The display in the iPad Pro is one of the most expensive elements in the device, so reducing the amount of technologies, such as ProMotion and Face ID, would certainly reduce the cost of the iPad Air 4 significantly.

The iPad Air 4 is estimated to be officially unveiled by Apple within the next two weeks, particularly on September 8th, according to reliable leaker Jon Prosser. These pamphlets certainly looks genuine, so it’s possible that the iPad shown in this documentation will be the next iPad Air.


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