2020 Apple Event webpage has a secret AR feature

Apple announced the 2020 Apple Event today, where we can expect to see new iPhones, Apple Watch models, and more. Although the Apple Event announcement page looks kind of simple, Apple have included a hidden AR feature within the webpage. 

On the announcement webpage, there is a giant blue Apple logo in a fun design. If you click on the Apple logo, it brings you to an AR mode, where you can see and move the Apple Event logo in 3D. The Apple logo swirls and changes to eventually say “9.15”, which is the date of the event.


You can view this AR experience in ‘AR’ mode, which allows you to view the 3D model in your current surroundings, or ‘Object Mode’, which displays the 3D logo on a white backdrop. It should be noted that you require Safari on either an iPhone or iPad to experience this.

You can see screenshots below I took showing the Apple logo moving around and showing “9.15”:

Although it is unlikely, some leakers have suggested that Apple will show their new AR Glasses, named “Apple Glass”, at the upcoming event. This AR Apple logo is the first time that Apple have included an AR feature in an event invitation, so it is possible that it could be a secret hint from Apple. This is merely speculation, but it would be cool to see if the leakers were correct.


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