Alleged ‘iPhone 12 Hands On’ video surfaces on YouTube

An ‘iPhone 12 Hands On’ video has appeared on YouTube, which shows an alleged iPhone 12 in use. Based on the design of this iPhone, it could be an iPhone 12 Pro (Max) instead of the regular iPhone 12 mentioned by the uploader.

You can view the video below:

The video shows a Space Grey iPhone 12 (Pro) that’s fresh out of the box and still has the plastic wrapping on it. The video shows the back, sides, and front of the iPhone. Additionally, if this video is real, we can see the supposed new design that uses a squared design, similar to the iPad Pro and iPhone 4 design.

Aside from the iPhone being shown, nothing else is really shown in the video. There are a few discrepancies in the video, suggesting that it may be a fake. For example, the iPhone box in the background is an iPhone 11 Pro Max box. Alongside this, there is no LiDAR sensor on the rear camera array, which has been greatly rumoured to be arriving on the Pro models. This alleged iPhone 12 Pro uses the exact same cameras as the iPhone 11 Pro uses. Lastly, there is a sticker on the plastic wrapping surrounding the iPhone, which Apple would never do. Also, there are air bubbles on the plastic wrapping, which would suggest that this iPhone has been resealed and repackaged.

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 12 within the next few weeks, with many leakers suggesting that the iPhone 12 will be announced within the next two/three weeks. Unfortunately, only time will tell if this video is genuine or not. 

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