iPhone 12 may not have USB-C; Smart Connector arriving on Port-less iPhone 13

Apple Leaker Fudge (@choco_bit) has shared information today regarding the ports and charging capabilities of the upcoming iPhone 12 and next year’s iPhone 13.

The first piece of information that Fudge shared is that the iPhone 12 will not have a USB-C port. He says that the prototype USB-C models Apple are working on are not making it to production, meaning that Apple are going to be sticking with the Lightning Port for just one more year before switching to a port-less design.

Fudge also says that the 2021 iPhone 13 series will have a Smart Connector. He clarifies that USB-C and Smart Connector will not be appearing together. It will be a port-less iPhone with just the new Smart Connector and no USB-C.


Fudge clarifies that the Smart Connector is not intended to be the main way of charging. Apple are hoping that most users will stick to wireless charging as the main source of charging. As for MagSafe on the iPhone 13, Fudge says that Apple haven’t properly begun development on the iPhone 13 yet, so MagSafe-like is more of a plan for the phone. However, Fudge says that Apple are going port-less on the iPhone 13 one way or another.

If Apple are sticking with Lightning for this year’s iPhones and are switching to Smart Connectors for next year, it would seem that Apple might not ever bring out an iPhone with a USB-C port.

Fudge also says that Apple’s way of dealing with EarPods for the port-less iPhone is to drop EarPods and encourage AirPods sales. 

Charging a device through the Smart Connector isn’t a new thing to Apple. For example, the passthrough charging on the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro passes the charge through the Smart Connector to allow for the iPad to charge. It is likely that Apple will apply a similar method to allow a charge through the Smart Connector.

The iPhone 12 is expected to come out in October or November this year after it’s original release date in September was pushed back due to the delays from the COVID-19 outbreak.


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