iPhone 13 Four-Camera Layout and Camera Technology Leaked

Apple Leaker Fudge (@choco_bit) has leaked information about the iPhone 13’s four-camera layout and the technology that these cameras will be using.

Fudge shared a schematic showing this supposed iPhone 13 rear camera layout, which shows a four camera array, with a LiDAR sensor below the camera housing. Fudge clarifies that this schematic is from an earlier design, but this is the first time we have seen a leak suggesting four cameras in this layout.


The LED flash unit is placed in the centre between all four cameras, with the microphone being placed directly below it at the bottom of the camera housing. The schematic also shows that the four individual lenses will not being protruding from the camera bump housing at the rear of the phone.

Alongside the release of the schematics, Fudge also released the plans for the iPhone 13’s cameras. He says that the iPhone 13 will have a:

  • Wide 64MP 1x Optical Zoom and  6x Digital Zoom,
  • 40MP Telephoto lens with 3-5x Optical Zoom and 15-20x Digital Zoom,
  • 64MP Anamorphic Lens,
  • 40MP 0.25x Ultra-Wide with optical reverse zoom,
  • and LiDAR 4

Of course, these are very early plans for a phone that is about a year and a half away, so do take this leak with a grain of salt. Apple’s plans are very likely to change over this time, so don’t get your hopes up until Apple officially announce something.


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