iPhone 12 naming scheme accidentally confirmed by T-Mobile in the Netherlands

As discovered by Fudge (@choco_bit), T-Mobile in the Netherlands accidentally leaked the naming scheme for this year’s iPhone models. The names leaked by T-Mobile corroborate the naming scheme shared by many leakers over the last few months.

If you go to T-Mobile’s Netherlands website (here: https://accessoires.t-mobile.nl) and choose ‘Apple’ in the first box, ‘iPhone 12’, ‘iPhone 12 Max, ‘iPhone 12 Pro’, and ‘iPhone 12 Pro Max’ will be shown in the second box’s list of iPhone models. A screenshot with the names highlighted can be found below:

Source: T-Mobile.nl

This the first time that an official company has leaked the names of Apple’s unreleased 2020 iPhone models. Up until now, it’s been mostly leakers that have shared the name of the new iPhones.

The iPhone 12, 12 Max, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max are expected to be announced this September at the Apple Special Event. Recent leaks and rumours have suggested that Apple may have to postpone the announcement event or the release of the new iPhone models due to the manufacturing delays caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.


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