‘AirPower mini’ may be priced from $99 to $149; AirPower announcement in September

Apple leakers Soybeys (@soybeys), @blue_kanikama, and @a_rumors0000 have all released information regarding the upcoming AirPower model(s).

Starting off with Soybeys, he is saying that Apple will unveil AirPower to the world this September coming. he doesn’t specify as to which model Apple will be showing, but he says that both the AirPower and AirPower mini are being made at the moment.


Alongside this, @blue_kanikama is saying that Apple may release the originally announced AirPower, with a 50% chance that another AirPower model will follow. Of course, there is a 50% chance that this rumour will actually happen, so we may never actually see one of the new models that blue_kanikami is speaking about.

Lastly, @a_rumours, who successfully predicted macOS 11 and the ARM transition, says that Apple’s smaller version of the AirPower, the AirPower mini, will be priced between $99/£78/€87 to $149/£118/€131. He doesn’t specify on what the bigger version will be priced at, but many leakers over the last few months have suggested a price of $199/£155/€175.


As with every leak, take these ones with a grain of salt. Although it would be great to see AirPower, Apple can cancel, change, or move any of it’s upcoming projects/plans at any stage. AirPower has already been ‘cancelled’ once before, so it could very well be cancelled again.

Credit to @Soybeys, @blue_kanikama, and @a_rumors0000 for this information!

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