Leaked pictures show new braided USB-C to Lightning Cable that may be included in iPhone 12 box.

According to leaker @duanrui1205, Apple will be including a new braided USB-C to Lightning cable in the iPhone 12 box. The leaker also released four pictures of the upcoming Lightning cable.

Interestingly, the leaker also attached pictures of the new cable from Apple. The most noticeable thing about the new Lightning cable is that is uses a woven/braided exterior design, similar to the HomePod power cable. It’s likely that Apple is making this change to increase the durability of the Lightning cable.

You can see all four pictures of the new lightning cable shared by the leaker below:


Alongside this, the new cable uses USB-C to Lightning instead of the regular USB-A to Lightning cable. Apple are likely changing from USB-A to USB-C in order to increase the charging speeds, especially if Apple will only be offering an 18W version with the new iPhones.

Recent rumours have suggested that Apple would be removing the charging brick from the iPhone 12 box in favour of just including a charging cable. Should the user want or need a charging brick, they will be able to purchase an 18W version separately with their new iPhone. This change is apparently coming to the iPhone SE (2nd Generation) box this September too.


The current USB-A to Lightning cable that comes included in every iPhone box uses a rubber silicone material that has a reputation for cracking, breaking, and wearing down over time. Perhaps this new cable with it’s woven design is Apple’s answer to these problems.

The original tweet is available below:


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