New iMac, AirPods Studio, and new HomePods to be announced over the next week.

A new Apple Leaker @Anonymous981834 Twitter has said that Apple will be announcing several new products over the upcoming week, starting on Monday.

The leaker says that Apple will be unveiling a new iMac on Monday. This new iMac is not expected to be the fully redesigned one, but instead will use the same design as the previous iterations of the iMac and will feature improved processors.


On Tuesday, the leaker is saying that he expects Apple to announce the over-the-ear headphones named ‘AirPods Studio’. These are Apple’s next version of the AirPods which will go over-the-ears, will feature the H1 chip, and are rumoured to have multiple colours and configurations. It is also rumoured to have a wireless charging dock.

@Anonymous981834 expects Apple to announce the HomePod mini on Wednesday. Little is known about this new model of the HomePod and it isn’t expected to have many new feature compared to it’s predecessor. It’s is expected to be cheaper than the current HomePod model.

To both contrast and corroborate this leakers info, another leaker on Twitter called Komiya (@komiya_kj) has said that he expects Apple to follow two plans for the next week. The first plan is to announce the aforementioned products on the days that @Anonymous981834 has previously mentioned, but also says that the second plan is to announce all these products three days later than the first plan. 


This would mean that the iMac will be announced on Wednesday, AirPods Studio on Thursday, and HomePod and HomePod mini on Friday. 

That is all the information about these products that the leakers have shared, but the first leaker seems quite confident in his information. However, it should be noted that this leaker is brand new and doesn’t have a track record to prove his reliability/credibility. Regardless, we could be expecting some new products this week.


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