New ‘MacBook’ details emerge; will use A14X chip, 256GB SSD, 4th generation Butterfly keyboard, $799 price tag, and more

@komiya_kj has shared details about the upcoming ‘MacBook’, which is rumoured to be the first Mac computer that will use Apple’s custom made silicon chips. The new information includes pricing, storage, RAM, keyboards, battery life, and more.

@komiya_kj says that this MacBook will use the A14X chip, which is an upgraded version of the A14 chip. The A14 chip is the chip that is expected to be used in the upcoming iPhone 12. Generally, Apple reserve ‘X’ versions of their chips for the iPads (e.g. A12X Bionic in the 2018 iPad Pro), so considering Apple is going to be making special chips for their Macs, it only makes sense to keep the same marketing names.

In terms of memory (or RAM), this MacBook is expected to come with two configurations – 8GB and 16GB. In addition to this, he says that Apple will be bringing this computer to the market with a base storage of 256GB and can be configured to 512GB and 1TB. 


Just like the last model, Apple will be using a 12” Retina display in this MacBook. @komiya_kj expects this computer to come with 15 to 20 hours of battery life, which would be a huge improvement over the current Mac laptops’ battery life. He also expects this model to have a single USB-C port.

Likely to be embedded in the top bezel of the display, @komiya_kj says that this MacBook will still use the 720p HD FaceTime camera.

In terms of weight, @komiya_kj says that the MacBook will weight less than 1kg and surprisingly, will utilise the 4th generation Butterfly keyboard, likely to keep the weight of this laptop down.

The most attractive feature about this new MacBook is the price tag, which @komiya_kj estimates is at least going to be $799, which would be significantly cheaper than any other model Apple currently offers. It certainly would attract consumers with that price tag. 


Although Komiya didn’t include a release date in his report, multiple rumours and leakers have suggested that Apple will be unveiling their first custom-silicon MacBook either before the end of this year (e.g. October Event) or very early next year. Until then, the only people will access to Apple’s silicon chips are developers with the Developer Transition Kit.

See the original tweet below:


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