AirTags reportedly delayed to March 2021; AirPods Studio to start at $350 with a luxury version retailing at $599

Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) has shared more details about Apple’s upcoming AirTags and AirPods Studio, including a reported delay to the AirTags and the potential pricing of the AirPods Studio.

Prosser is reporting that Apple have delayed the announcement and release of the AirTags to March 2021. Multiple leakers have suggested that Apple would announce the AirTags at either the September event or the October event, but if this leak is to be believed, it would seem that those plans will no longer be happening.


AirTags are Apple’s bottlecap-sized trackers. When the AirTags are attached to your items (e.g. your keys or backpack), you’ll be able to keep track of them through the ‘Find My’ app on your iPhone. Leaks have suggested that you’ll be able to use AR in the Find My to see where your item is in the room. 

Prosser also shared more details on the AirPods Studio, which he spoke a lot about in early September. Prosser now believes that the renders that he and ConceptCreator made of the AirPods Studio were for the luxury version. 


According to Prosser, the Luxury variant of the AirPods studio will use high-end materials such as leather and metal. He expects the luxury version of the AirPods Studio to retail with a price tag of $599. Prosser also says that Apple are working on a cheaper, sport-like version that will use cheaper materials. This version will be available for $350. 

Lastly, Prosser says that Apple will not be showing the AirPods Studio at the October event next week. In fact, he says that this event will solely be for the iPhone and HomePod mini.


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